What are the challenges in hospital lab management tasks and how to solve them

Managing a lab can be tricky and tiresome. Looking after the sample collection, delivering results to the patients, managing the stock, assigning duties, sending out samples, handling reports, and collecting payments, can all be hectic. All this cannot be addressed without an advanced system. We understand these challenges and bring you the most advanced solutions for them.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time is when a test is ordered until the result is reported to the patient. A few cases where the sample is sent to a concerned lab increase the turnaround time. After the patient gives samples, they either have to wait in the lab or come back another day to collect the results, thus wasting their time.

The best solution to this problem is a professional Lab management software. At Kamedaarabia.com, we provide an easy solution that can save both doctor, patient, and lab technician’s time. Our Hospital Information System – Yasasii comes with the latest features to manage your hospital lab management. It comes with an automatic result update feature where the test results can be directly submitted to the doctor.

Internal file sharing

The lack of limitations in data accessibility between the lab employees is a threat to the patient’s privacy. For instance, a receptionist does not need access to the patient’s test results, while a lab technician does. It is due to the lack of role-based access to data.

Kamedaarabia introduces the best solution to share the files without compromising with data privacy.

Updating patients records

One of the biggest challenges that come in hospital lab management is to capture results and update the records. Yasasii has a built-in feature that will help solve this issue in no time. You can easily use this software for automatically capturing results and updating patient records. Interestingly, such a solution helps save huge time for the lab operators and ensures accuracy.

Credit sales settlement

A primary lab that sends its sample to the tertiary lab has to make settlements for the services they offer. If such payments are inaccurate, it can lead to flawed financial reports in the laboratory.

A solution to this problem can be a third party login system. Such a system allows a third party like a lab authority, to send lab samples and receive lab test results from your lab in credit. The system also gives you the privilege to view all the pending dues, allowing you to quickly settle these credits.

Day closing reports

For any lab, the end-of-day closing process is critical so that accurate financial data can be maintained. Your lab’s workflow can be disrupted by unexpected delays in the financing, errors in the document, and last minute requests.

To solve this problem, you should look for a lab management software with an integrated day closing reporting feature. It will make it easy to generate and understand all of the information clearly.

Limited access to records

A lab is often busy, and it may force you to cancel your other plans in order to stay on track with your lab operations. Not keeping an eye on what goes into your lab might lead to troubles. It happens because you do not have access to check the records from sitting anywhere. The possible solution is – easy access to data through a simple and secure interface.

As the lab data is essential to every hospital, you should opt for a solution that comes with the best security features. A good interface will provide you access to check all your records from anywhere, at any time. It should also provide you with the freedom to check logistics, sales, and collections in your lab.

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