Patient Administration System- A must-have solution for healthcare organizations

PAS (Patient Administration System) is a modern, user-friendly system that supports patient management, including tracking patients and managing admissions, ward attendances, and appointments. Healthcare organizations have faced many problems in handling all the patient data. It required a lot of time and labor. PAS has helped shift all this to a single platform. It has improved performance efficiency and has saved a lot of time for hospital organizations. PAS has become an integral part of all healthcare departments.

The need for Patient Administration System

Eliminating paperwork

Patient Administration System is designed to capture all the non-clinical information about a patient and their activity across a multitude of care settings. The PAS is designed to deal with the increasing paper being used when a patient visited the hospital. PAS’s automation has allowed users to enter information in a single system that can be viewed across various departments.

Performs various function at a single platform

The PAS system has helped perform multiple tasks at a single platform. It helps in managing day-to-day management and administrations of a hospital. Booking appointments, patient admission, waitlist management, discharge, and transfers can be all managed at one platform.

The scheduling function

The scheduling function of PAS has also proven to be helpful for the industry. It has enabled the organization to schedule resources across the organization from appointments to equipment and resources. It has hugely improved the efficiency of an organization and can lead to significant cost savings.

Core functions of the Patient Administration System

Patient master index

The software is used for enlisting a new patient of the healthcare organization. The functions of the patient master index are:

  • Obtaining identification and demographic information
  • Generate a new entity with a different identification number in the Database of Patients
  • Prepare a single Medical Record for the patient
  • Maintain an original list of patients as a permanent register
Appointment booking

Another essential feature of the Patient Administration System is appointment booking. It helps the hospitals record a patient’s admission details, including the expected date of admission and where the patient will be admitted, directly linked to the Waiting List entry.

Waiting list management

The waiting list module allows healthcare organizations to capture both administrative and clinical data before the patient is attending the facility or appointment. The waiting list module is integrated with both inpatient and outpatient modules.

Record of Patient Activity

The system also helps in recording a patient’s activity in the hospital. From the day of admission to the presence in the hospital and day of discharge, everything can be recorded in a single system. The doctors could also add any important information regarding the patient.

Activity Returns/Billing

Billing is extremely complex, especially in healthcare organizations. PAS has made even this easy. It displays all bill-related information as well as performs patient-related transactions, e.g., receipting, deposits, invoicing, journal adjustments, and general comments.

Yasasii- An ideal platform for your healthcare organization

Our Patient Administration System is designed for easy functioning. It helps track patients, bed occupancy, hospital status, managing admissions, appointments, ward attendances, and day ward leave. These functions further increase efficiency and reduce costs by allowing healthcare organizations to focus their business processes more appropriately.

The easy-to-use platform increases patient safety by minimizing “wrong patient” errors and can fit seamlessly into any healthcare organization. Our Patient Administration System comes with a vast range of customizable parameters designed for your needs. Save your time and energy by using our Patient Administration System.


Benefits of choosing Yasasii

  • Get the busiest clinics under control
  • Enhance patient safety by minimizing wrong-patient errors
  • Manage all data at one place
  • Keep all your patient records at one platform

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